Boulevard Brewery Kansas City

I recently took a tour of the one and only brewery in Kansas City, MO, Boulevard Brewing Company. It turned out to be an enlightening visit that left me feeling impressed, proud and thirsty.

Boulevard is so unique because they really care about their product, even if it costs them more time and money in the long run. They are passionate about creating beers that are full of rich flavors and unique styles that other companies don’t take the time to explore.

Boulevard Brewery Kansas City

Beyond that, Boulevard cares about their surroundings and the city they call home. In everything they do, they strive to be as green as possible. This means recycling EVERYTHING, down to the last piece of paper. They are a “ZERO Waste” company in that they don’t send anything to the landfill. There is no trash pick-up. They have gone as far as recognizing the need for glass recycling in the area (seeing as they are one of the biggest contributors to glass use in the city) and while on going, they have initiated solutions to the problem.

When Boulevard expanded their operation with an additional brew house in 2006, they took the opportunity to create a stunningly modern and efficient new facility. The new building features a number of windows, allowing for a lot of natural light to fill the space. This in turn, saves on the use of electricity for lighting. On top of that (no pun intended…), the roof is covered in vegetation that acts as insulation and absorbs rainwater, allowing the building to consume less energy.

Boulevard Brewery Kansas City Patio

At the end of the day, this is a company that others should strive to be like. I’m proud to have a pioneer like Boulevard Brewing Co present in the city I call home. Oh, and their product is pretty damn good, too. Can’t wait for their new seasonal Hoppy Wheat to hit the shelves…