A Midwest gal and avid music lover, I am excited for this summer’s line up of concerts. The Midwest has been blessed with the wonderful Wakarusa Music Festival. And now, I’m proud to say that I am truly impressed with what’s on the set list for my hometown, Kansas City. I have three concerts lined up for the summer that I am especially excited about…

Fits And The Tantrums – July

Reviewed in my previous blog post, this nostalgic band will have you up on your feet dancing and shimmying. The lead singer has got some weird hair thing going on, but he can lay down the tunes and that chick who backs him up can really belt it. They’re supported by a very talented band and truly capture the feeling of an older era of music while still relating to the sounds (and feelings) of today. I love nothing more than listening to music with a beer in my hand and an open night sky above me. Because of this, I am especially excited for this band because it is in my favorite KC music venue: Crossroads KC, an outdoor venue located in the midst of downtown. I missed my first chance to see this band last summer and I will not pass up this next chance to boogey down with Fitz and the Tantrums. If you get the opportunity, you shouldn’t pass it up either!

Fitz and the Tantrums

Avett Brothers – July

There are few artists whose music and lyrics have the ability to bring me to tears. The Avett brothers
are among that few. The subject matter of their songs is so relatable and their voices so beautiful…how
can I help myself? The Avett brothers have consistently produced quality music from their debut album
to their G. Love collaboration album (Listen to Fixin’ to Die!) to their newest album where they reached
whole new musical heights. With folky undertones, these Southern boys are supposed to put on a very
intimate show with their audiences. Guess who’s going to be that chick crying because the music “is just
so damn beautiful”? Yep, this girl right here.

The Avett Brothers

Alabama Shakes – August

Alabama Shakes is a band that fits in comfortably with the new wave of folk genre and artists, like Avett
Brothers. But, this band has one powerful asset: Brittany Howard. This chick can lay down some blues.
Just check out the single “Hold On” and you’ll see what I mean. Her voice is amazing and her roots are
humble. She approached fellow band members in a high school psychology class they had together
growing up in Athens, Alabama. She heard rumors they could play music, she could play music, they
made music… it’s a beautiful thing. I am looking forward to hearing them in concert because I really
want to hear if that rich voice of hers can stand up to the live experience. Since their debut album
dropped this year and they’re already playing Bonaroo this season, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

Alabama Shakes

Gotye – September

Being your (somewhat) typical music snob, I love to take obnoxious credit when I dig up something
before the mass media devours it and then proceeds to upchuck it all over the radio. Gotye is the
perfect example. I was jamming to “Somebody I Used To Know” long before what’s his fuck did the
club mix (it was inevitable…some things are just too good to last). Regardless, I am looking forward
to seeing Gotye in concert and curious to see if he lives up to the album that has gained so much fast popularity in the U.S. Once it started airing on the radio, people dug the 80’s beats and sound effects he blends with his strange, soft European voice. He seems so not main stream (His real name is Wouter De Backer…’nuff said) that I found the embrace from the general population to be pleasantly surprising. I have no idea what the dude is supposed to be like live, but I’m looking forward to the experience…and I WILL sing along, thank you very much!


The summer looks (and sounds) great. Be sure to come back by the House of Femme blog throughout
the summer to follow live tweets from the concerts, read my reviews, and dig up concert pictures from
these shows.