The idea of cooking with the sun seems crazy right? The notion that nothing more than the sun and a solar oven are enough to cook a meal, seems both futuristic and archaic all at once. While reports of solar cooking go back hundreds of years, great strides in technology have been made in the last few decades.

The benefits of solar cooking are so great for the environment that it was worth the $300 one time purchase. Not only are you not using any limited natural resources, but you’re also not heating your kitchen up in the middle of the summer, saving you on all your energy bills.

Cooking with the Sun

Our solar oven came with a built in thermometer, allowing us to adjust cooking time according to the amount of solar heat we’re getting. If it’s a cloudy day we have to cook a little longer to complete the recipe, but on a bright sunny day the solar oven gets up to 350ᵒF.

Solar cooking

We made vegetarian chili…Delicious.

Delicious vegetarian chili

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was amazing. You can bake anything you’d bake in a conventional oven in a solar oven. I’m going to try cupcakes next.

Vegetarian Chili