While stumbling around Stumble Upon, I came across a street artist named Alice Pasquini that truly inspired me. Her style of street art is breathtaking, blending scenes of city with scenes of love and art. Being a long-time fan of Banky’s envelope-pushing street art, seeing Alice’s art inspired me to go on my own street art scavenger hunt throughout my city…

Street Graffiti

Spruced up old shaft door on the side of a building

Street Art

I adore the mixology of the Dios de los Muertos-esque skull with the cartoon man


Street art

Saw this boombox several times in my street adventures


Street Art

Love this big-brained boy


Street Art

You can see signs of the city in this pic (see the KC Royals hat)



Trix are for kids, yo

Street art can stretch beyond brick and concrete walls. Pictured below are two pieces I found in unexpected places…

Street art

This girl on a rocket was spray painted on a shop window


Street Art

I spotted this gnarly dude on the back of a parking sign

These businesses invited the artists to their outside walls and sport street art as advertising / a way to beautify their buildings:

Street Art

This pest control company used their alley wall to make their business more edgy



This business used street art to beautify a bland brick building

I leave you with a piece that I especially identified with…

street art

Don't be a deadbeat, be a party animal