Gordon's Wine Bar London, England

I lived in London, England for about 6 months and I’m going to give you a tip on a great place to get some fabulous wine. ITS A MUST TRY IF EVER IN GOOD OLE’ LONDON! It’s one of those stumble upon treasures. It was by far my favorite and best wine I had during my stay. It’s called Gordon’s Wine bar, thought to be the oldest wine bar in London.

The atmosphere is so unique people of all ages love this place. As you enter the bar you will find ancient wooden walls covered with old school newspaper articles and memorabilia dated all the way back to 1890. The cellar was built for a 5’9 sized man so you will need to crouch down as you make your way to the candlelit tables. This was a hot spot for me on Wednesday afternoons and if the suns out they have a great patio.

Old magazine clippings at Gordon's Wine Bar

Newspaper articles and memorabilia that dates back to the 1890's

Gordon's Wine Bar Interior

Watch your head, the cellar was made for a 5'9 sized man

Check this place out, you won’t regret it!

The crew outside of Gordon's Wine Bar

Me and the crew outside of Gordon's Wine Bar