bridal party

One of my best friends got engaged last summer and she asked me to be part of the celebration as a bridesmaid. I apprehensively accepted. This will be my third wedding I assumed the role as a bridesmaid and it takes dedication and effort to thoughtfully plan events and most importantly coordinate and cooperate with other bridesmaids. I was nervous about my duties as a bridesmaid because I had a full schedule with school and work, but in the end it was all worth it.

The shower and the bachelorette party were pulled off without a hitch. The shower was full of pink and blue ribbon, yummy snacks, and a cheerful bride who sincerely loved every element of the event. The bachelorette party started with a lingerie party which quickly turned into a sex party with the mother’s of the bride and groom present. Nothing like a blushing bride right before her last night out on the town as a single lady, alcohol was in high demand. One friends of the bride generously reserved a party bus and once we all piled in the bus the drinks started flowing and the music started roaring. Let’s just say the night couldn’t have been better.

On the day of the wedding, emotions started showing their ugly faces among all. The bride to be started to get nervous, but it wasn’t about marriage, it the overwhelming sense of realizing the day she had been waiting for and preparing for months was finally here. The other bridesmaids did not want her to talk to her groom till she walked down the aisle, but I found that silly. If I were to be married I would want to talk to my groom. So I pulled her aside and she called him, it was this moment I realized they truly loved each other. They were both nervous, but the second they heard each other’s voice they were reassured it was all going to be okay.

Right before we walked down the aisle, the matron and maid of honor started breaking down in tears and all I could was start walking; the show must go on, I got to the front, watched the other ladies pull it together and the bride started down the aisle. I could do nothing but let my own tear run. She looked beautiful and so happy. Then I looked at the groom and tears were running down his face. The pastor started talking and it became apparent they love each other in a way I can only hope to be loved. Every verse, everything statement placed them both on the same level. They are two individuals coming together to build a life together and to support one another when they face any challenges. It was the first time I agreed with all statements made during a wedding ceremony. Words shared usually places the bride on a lower level than the groom, but they chose to be a team. It became very apparent that all the hard work, all the drama and stress of the weeks before was all worth it because to them we were there to support them in their decision to live their lives together and they wanted to share their love with all these people.

It was the first time I thought that the wedding was totally worth it all… True love is worth celebrating.

Yours Truly, Kat