4 Apps That You’ve Got To Try
Top Picks by Alyssa Murfey

In today’s modern age, there are apps to maximize every aspect of our lives. So what about our relationships? Is there an app for that? Well, I did the research and there is no iBoyfriend. However, I did find some fun apps to spice up your relationship and make life easier all around. I tried to look for iPhone apps that were low cost or free, because we all know love ain’t free, so the app better be.

Happy Hours

Available in most urban cities, Happy Hours is a simple app that finds Happy Hours near you. That way, you can find the best place to meet up with your honey or that cute guy you’ve been wanting to ask out to a lil’ HH action.

Cost: Free


8mm HD

This app takes the Instagram idea of snazzing up photos with different filters and applies it to a video camera. Record old-timey movies in whichever decade suits you. Perhaps, you want the black and white noir of the early 1900s, or maybe the groovy 70’s filter? Regardless, 8mm HD is a great app for making video messages and sending a little love to break the lull of everyday, or just simply record your life experiences for sharing. The app makes it very easy to email your video to your sweetie or upload to Facebook or YouTube.

Cost: $1.99


Hitting the wall with the same-old dates or just want to find an excuse to get out of the house? Goby is the free app that uses geo-location to help you find the fun stuff near you. Goby also allows you to search by category, destination, and what time frame you are looking for activities. This is a great tool for trip planning, or if you’re just looking for something new and fun to do on a date.

Cost: Free

How to Text a Girl

This hilarious app steps a guy through the dating process, from ice breakers, to flirting, to texting. Whether your guy needs training or you just want a little insight into the man’s mind, this app is sure to get a few giggles.

Cost: $.99