Wedding Invitation, Style by Jess

One of the staples to any wedding is the invitation. Obviously, as a bride, you want the invitation to wow your guests because it basically sets the tone for the style and feel of the wedding. As I started planning my wedding, I quickly realized that my tastes were outside my price range. Like many brides, I had champagne taste with a beer budget. Everywhere I looked I kept wondering, “is it possible to get a fabulous pocket fold invitation at an affordable price?!” As you can understand, discouragement set in.

Luckily, my older sister had been planning her own wedding during part of my engagement, and she enlightened me on my saving grace in my invitation dilemma, MICHAEL’S. Michael’s offers a whole line of DIY invitations and programs–complete with printing templates and even verbiage for different types of ceremonies. How did I not know about this?!? Although the selection can be bleak at times, the price and quality of the product is great. I ended up with simple, classy embossed invitations, with pocket folds–exactly what I had wanted. It was so easy to go online, create the templates and choose the fonts. I made a quick trip to Kinko’s and my invitations were ready to be put together, addressed and mailed.

I chose to do this part with my awesome bridesmaids, which turned into a fun night for us to spend together and gave me the satisfaction of having done it on my own. I would definitely recommend this route to any bride on a budget.

Wedding Invite Styled By Jessica